Is President Donald J Trump a Racist?

An easy task, crowning Coronavirus President of the year. it has been a slam dunk. Our countries that he once called shithole, have somehow managed to maintain relatively lower numbers of Cory deaths than Trump's America. And…

The unAwarded Nobel Prize

• The lead author of pseudo-scientific-claims-without-evidence has instituted a defamation lawsuit against our Editor, Mark Thomas • The suit doesn't worry us because all the statements on this website are based on facts. •…


In South Africa, rarely do entities come out of curatorship smelling of roses, the appointed curators/liquidators (mostly men in suits and matching ties; like the disgraced Dines Gihwala) often come with trepidation among stakeholders.…

Tokyo Sexwale, Were the Guptas Worth It?

After lying down with dogs for over a decade, does the former Apprentice SA host want the public to believe he is not now getting up without fleas? Like his American Apprentice counterpart, Tokyo Sexwale seems to know so well…

Disruptive Developers

In the scramble for the most precious resource – water – ‘some animals are more equal than others’. Municipalities are left unable to plan adequately as some grab more than their authorised shares of services.

Rogue Tenderers: Treasury Drops the Gavel

Suppliers of pharmaceutical products are put on notice as Treasury moves to close loopholes in public procurement

State of Capture

The office of the Public Protector has released the much-anticipated report on allegations of state capture

The Big Plunder of Resources

Resource-dependent developing countries are left heavily impoverished as trillions of dollars illicitly flow out. But who is looking for a plan to stop the haemorrhage?

Grabbing the Roots

In the seemingly lawless frontier of bioresources, squabbles over who has the right to profit from knowledge and wealth have escalated. Image: GreenLITers

Behind Kapa’s Multi-billion Rand Covert Sale

Following the money: - the aftermath of experts’ failure to identify the company’s ‘real estate’ during valuation. How many more were victimized during the divorce and subsequent acquisition?

Tenders, Corruption and Murder

A devious scheme that caused the death of a Port Elizabeth businessman has taken corruption in the windy city to new heights.

Tales From the Dead

Was Soonthra ‘Samoo’ Chetty’s pen mightier than a sword? He protested the injustices meted out to his workers and lost everything, including his life. His story should rile those who failed him.

Multi-Billion Rand Investment Rip-off

The sweet-talking Americans came, saw and swindled. If one thought revelations within the Panama-Papers were devastating, try that of the American goons.

Union’s Dirty Hands on Pension

Is Cosatu’s call for the scrapping of new tax laws affecting pensions really in the interest of workers? Perhaps it is time workers looked elsewhere for leadership.

An Open Letter to Finance Minister

Dear Mr. Gordhan, despite your busy diary, give a thought to public funds that are being milked left, right and center. Welcome back and take care of your precious baby.

Dairy Processors in Market Share Mayhem

When Shoprite imported millions of litres of cheap long life milk from Poland, it put its biggest fresh milk supplier in a ditch. Now a bitter milk turf war has emerged and with no sign of ending soon

MTN Needs a Magic Wand

With its head on the block in Nigeria, can MTN afford to continue its wayward business practices?

Buhari Follows The Money

By removing profit out of corruption, can President Muhammadu Buhari disrupt entrenched cartels in Nigeria?

Unmasking Corruption In Ghana

Africans are in agreement corruption must end if the continent is to flourish. In Ghana anti-corruption campaigners are talking tough, demanding action that can put the country back on track.

Corporate Sleaze

Fighting corruption is a dangerous business. Just ask public protector Thuli Madonsela. Her crusade to rid corruption in South Africa’s corridors of power has not been easy.

Grand Corruption: The Lessons Kenya Never Learns

In Kenya, integrity and accountability have been on decades-long holiday, as corruption and bribery continue to wreck havoc on the economy.

Digging the Earth: How deep is your bunker?

Many South Africans choosing to renovate their homes are doing so based on unapproved building plans to the annoyance of their neighbours, as relevant regulators sleep on the job.

Business Unusual

The culture of corruption within the City of Cape Town’s oversight of construction is like cancer – hard to cure. Here the authority buried its own damning report indicting some now retired employees. We caught up with a few who…

'How Can We Help You?' - Uncovering hidden agenda

Corruption in business is bad enough; but when it merges with blithe disregard for the law to infringe on individual rights, then we are in deep trouble. This story exposes one of the ways South Africa’s big banks deal with pesky…