The Flat Earth Science

The inventor of '#FakeCancerCures' tells a Brisbane Court; “Photosoft and NGPDT are experimental treatments. I am aware that they have been presented to both prospective customers (patients) and investors as such.” But available…

The unAwarded Nobel Prize

• The lead author of pseudo-scientific-claims-without-evidence has instituted a defamation lawsuit against our Editor, Mark Thomas • The suit doesn't worry us because all the statements on this website are based on facts. •…


In South Africa, rarely do entities come out of curatorship smelling of roses, the appointed curators/liquidators (mostly men in suits and matching ties; like the disgraced Dines Gihwala) often come with trepidation among stakeholders.…

The Battle for Rich Views

PULLING THE STRINGS: Do good outcomes justify improper means? Desperate to stop a development they deem out of place, some entities are accepting what appears to be free lunch. But how free could this lunch be!

Tokyo Sexwale, Were the Guptas Worth It?

After lying down with dogs for over a decade, does the former Apprentice SA host want the public to believe he is not now getting up without fleas? Like his American Apprentice counterpart, Tokyo Sexwale seems to know so well…

Housing Wars

Proper housing can immediately improve the quality of life for millions of people living in shacks like these. Poor people desire reliable, basic services such as water and sanitation, and security and safety for their families.

Cape Town: A Divided City

Apartheid may have ended 23 years ago, but years of forced segregation seems to have boxed our people permanently. Who’s to blame for the persistent slumber?

Disruptive Developers

In the scramble for the most precious resource – water – ‘some animals are more equal than others’. Municipalities are left unable to plan adequately as some grab more than their authorised shares of services.

Roundup – To Drink Or Not To Drink

TRUTH OR DARE: William Henry Gates III, uSpiked dares you to publicly disown your past and present association with Monsanto and its Roundup. We shall grant you the platform to do so. Alternatively, you can pick a friendly media…

Rogue Tenderers: Treasury Drops the Gavel

Suppliers of pharmaceutical products are put on notice as Treasury moves to close loopholes in public procurement

State of Capture

The office of the Public Protector has released the much-anticipated report on allegations of state capture

The Goldilocks Dilemma

Like the porridge in Goldilocks famous fable, one hardworking city cop found he couldn’t be ‘too hot’ at his job.